2024-04-18T.S. Eliot: Emotions for thoughts
2024-04-10Om Malik about content algorithms and the decline in content quality
2024-04-09How to improve your thinking
2024-03-18Die by the Numbers
2024-03-07Normal no es una persona
2024-03-06Where in the World are Larry Page and Sergei Brin?
2024-03-03How to Break Free from Digital Chains
2024-03-01Books are an investment in yourself
2024-02-22Taleb on reading books
2024-02-21Forgiveness is not something we do for others
2024-02-20Present-day education and static societies
2024-02-19Dreams and Hobbies
2024-02-15Molly White on Chris Dixon's Blockchain Book _Read Write On_
2024-02-13The Last Man Standing Strategy
2024-02-10Are AI companies using our private data to train their models?
2024-02-10Sophisticated Minds
2024-02-08Beware of 'happiness'
2024-02-07Don't need to keep doing that
2024-02-06Most valuable things are hard
2024-02-06People schedule meetings because they are lazy
2024-02-05Thought Experiments
2024-02-02In my humble opinion…
2024-02-01Time Well Spent
2024-01-31The story we tell about ourselves defines the things we dare to try
2024-01-30A Reflection on Writing Daily, Posting, and Habits
2024-01-22Default to Bureaucracy
2024-01-21If you can't program it, you haven't understood it
2024-01-16Waiting for ideal conditions is just one more excuse
2024-01-15Writing and Asynchronous Work
2024-01-13Your own boss
2024-01-12Let us ask the gods not for possessions, but for things to do
2024-01-11Get up and try again
2024-01-10Book Reading Tips by Shane Parrish
2024-01-09Productivity and Enrollment
2024-01-08Kevin Kelly on How Generative AI is Changing the Way We Work (SXSW 2023)
2024-01-07Long-term Thinking in Your Life
2024-01-06A Thousand Paper Cuts: The Kindle App
2024-01-04The One Thing You Should Do to Protect Yourself Against Cyberattacks
2024-01-03Poor Charlie's Almanack Now Available Online
2024-01-02Embracing Fear
2024-01-01Book Reading 2023
2023-12-31Housekeeping Ideas for the End of the Year: Eliminate Ruthlessly
2023-12-30Factfulness, by Hans Rosling
2023-12-29What Do You Want to Accomplish in 2024?
2023-12-28Rocket Fuel or Roadblock
2023-12-21Generalizations are Mind Blockers
2023-12-03James Clear: Stop Waiting
2023-11-28RIP Charlie Munger
2023-11-25Time Well Spent
2023-11-20Show them the way
2023-11-10One Up On Wall Street, by Peter Lynch
2023-11-03Similar investing strategies
2023-10-30Clear Thinking, by Shane Parrish
2023-10-19Leader or Tour Guide?
2023-10-18Mutual influence
2023-10-11The next challenge in Generative AI is hardware efficiency
2023-10-10Seth Godin on Saying Thank You
2023-10-08Every moment is an opportunity to make the future easier or harder
2023-10-07Great Podcast Episodes
2023-10-05Proprietor of the audience and customers
2023-09-20Emotions at Work
2023-09-19What's Your Strategy for Curating Information?
2023-09-17Confronting the limitation of time and facing hard choices
2023-09-14Problems you can't understand without solving them first
2023-09-13Kevin Kelly and the duty to share your art
2023-09-12You Can’t Learn What You Think You Already Know
2023-09-11AI Generated vs. Human Generated
2023-09-11How to be read in the future
2023-09-10Alternatives to Software as a Service (SaaS)
2023-09-09Take charge of your environment
2023-09-08Heinrich, or the importance of naming
2023-08-29Excellent Advice for the Living
2023-08-24Top Goals
2023-08-23Full Attention
2023-08-18Convenience over Rationality
2023-08-17Tech Excepcionalism
2023-08-16Confront Your Fears
2023-08-15Long-term Projects
2023-08-08Fully committed
2023-08-06Tim Ferriss on achieving great things
2023-07-23Nat Eliason on Hard Things
2023-07-13Don't make up excuses
2023-07-12Threads: Meta's New Social Network and the Cold Start Problem
2023-07-11Why Not Mars
2023-07-09Tim Ferriss: Timing always sucks
2023-07-08Context and Strengths
2023-07-07Chip War: The Fight for the World's Most Critical Technology, by Chris Miller
2023-07-06Which kind of leader are you working with?
2023-07-05Paul Graham on per-project procrastination
2023-07-01TSMC, Short-term Thinking and Strategic Decisions
2023-06-28Tim Ferriss on being busy
2023-06-26Google is allergic to customer service
2023-06-21Easy Choices, Hard Life
2023-06-20Google is shutting down Google Domains
2023-06-17Reddit's CEO and blind spots
2023-06-14The Paradoxes of Writing
2023-06-13Reddit's monetization blues
2023-06-10It's not a priority if you don't do it
2023-06-09Apple Vision Pro
2023-06-06The Courage to Face Problems
2023-06-04You can't get it all from reading
2023-06-03Tom Peters: deciding which manager to promote
2023-05-31The Invitation
2023-05-30Eye for an eye (and a tooth for a tooth)
2023-05-29New Shiny Note-Taking App Syndrome
2023-05-24Saying no
2023-05-21Excellence is a habit
2023-05-19Make Something Wonderful, by Steve Jobs
2023-05-18Steve Jobs: Explore uncharted paths
2023-05-17AI, Regulation and moats
2023-05-12James Clear on Exceptional Results
2023-05-11Everything we write may become public
2023-05-11The final element is execution
2023-05-10Pacing team
2023-05-09Confidence, Curiosity, and Feedback
2023-05-08The Snooze Button
2023-05-04Choose Good Problems
2023-05-03Kevin Kelly's Excellent Advice for Living
2023-05-02Prioritize around your Most Important Tasks
2023-04-28Planning the Week to Gain Clarity
2023-04-27Be Clear About Your Not-To-Do List
2023-04-26Escaping the Urgency Trap
2023-04-24Facing decisions that may work or not
2023-04-23Big ships move slowly
2023-04-21Beware of Convenience
2023-04-20How Smart People Make Bad Decisions
2023-04-20Seth Godin on Learning
2023-04-19Responsible AI Development
2023-04-18Few people do as they say
2023-04-18Overcoming the AI Hype and Utilizing Precise Language
2023-04-11Bill Gates' reading list for 2008
2023-04-11Doctorow on Crypto Ponzi Schemes
2023-03-31Tim Cook on Changing Your Mind
2023-03-30Three Quotes from Tara Ploughman
2023-03-29Why China isn't leading the race for AI Supremacy
2023-03-28The Challenges of Artificial Intelligence
2023-03-27Not just one best friend
2023-03-22Goals for Strategy
2023-03-21Social Authoritarianism and Climate Change
2023-03-20Microsoft is Back and Google is in Trouble
2023-03-16Kevin Kelly on Artificial Intelligence
2023-03-14Dealing with Emotions
2023-03-14The Technium
2023-03-07The People Who Don't Buy From You
2023-03-06Optimism is a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
2023-03-05Two Types of Organizations
2023-03-04Do You Know What Your Customers Want?
2023-03-03It's Not About Having The Time
2023-03-02ChatGTP is changing the way we interact with information
2023-03-01Good May Be Not Enough
2023-02-28Fall in Love With Boredom
2023-02-27Idea Labs, not Echo Chambers
2023-02-24Have a Point of View
2023-02-23How to recover quickly when your habits break down.
2023-02-21Why You Won't Receive Honest Feedback
2023-02-20To Make Progress, We Need Systems
2023-02-16Trapped by Investors
2023-02-15Feynman 12 Favorite Problems
2023-02-14Search Engine Wars
2023-02-12Small Things We Take for Granted
2023-02-10Who curates ChatGPT's information diet?
2023-02-09Teaching vs. Learning
2023-02-08Stop letting yourself be pulled in all directions (Marcus Aurelius)
2023-02-08Tradeoffs and Empathetic Perspective
2023-02-07Why Side Projects Fall Behind
2023-02-06Basic Accountability
2023-02-05Environment and Behavior
2023-02-04Kindness is an underappreciated superpower
2023-02-03Twitter is helping Mastodon achieve network effects
2023-02-02What You Think You Know, and What You Really Know
2023-01-31Think different
2023-01-30I have seen the beauty of good (Marcus Aurelius)
2023-01-29Augmented Reality: We haven't reached the Blackberry Era yet.
2023-01-28This sounds like home
2023-01-27Incentives and Search Engine Results
2023-01-26Random Information Will Get You Random Thoughts
2023-01-25Goals and Systems
2023-01-24Noticing and New Ideas
2023-01-23Maximizing Shareholder Value
2023-01-22Daily Questions
2023-01-21Thinking Long-Term: The Importance of Empathy for Future Generations
2023-01-20All time you spend reading a bad book comes at the expense of a good book
2023-01-19Chokepoint Capitalism, by Cory Doctorow and Rebecca Giblin
2023-01-18Another Story of Overnight Success
2023-01-17Unrealistic Expectations
2023-01-16Distractions and Meaningful Work
2023-01-15What's your work worth?
2023-01-10Companies That Inspire Us
2023-01-09Write Things That People Choose to Share
2023-01-08Leave Unimportant Things Undone
2023-01-07Disregard Haters
2023-01-06Book Reading 2022
2023-01-05Relying on AI for writing
2023-01-04Things We Don't Notice
2023-01-03Weaknesses and Blind Spots
2023-01-02Writing, and Consistency Over Perfection
2023-01-01We Know Little About Others
2022-12-31Year's End Reflections
2022-12-30Important Things That Get Neglected
2022-12-28Keep Track of Ideas
2022-12-22Exploiting and Exploring
2022-12-21The Power of Committing in Public
2022-12-20Kevin Kelly: The future will be shaped by optimists
2022-12-17Monkeys and Pedestals
2022-12-16Probing and Breaking Things to Gather Information
2022-12-15The World is a Book
2022-12-14Twitter is shutting down Revue
2022-12-12The Benefits of Gratitude
2022-12-11Singular Empathy
2022-12-10The Distortion of Factual Truth
2022-12-09Removing Unnecessary Delays
2022-12-08ChatGPT and Quotations
2022-12-07Ponzi Schemes and Short-Term Thinking
2022-12-06False Proxies
2022-12-05Connecting dots
2022-12-05Fluent Forever, by Gabriel Wyner
2022-12-04Things we take for granted
2022-12-03Accountability and Progress
2022-12-02Focus and Finitude
2022-12-01The Media and Gell-Man Amnesia
2022-11-30Uncertain World
2022-11-29Let's Shift the Conversation to the Open Web Again
2022-11-28Shawn Blanc on motivation and meaningful work
2022-11-28Why Writing is Essential for Better Thinking
2022-11-27A Mastodon Instance for Yourself
2022-11-26Mastodon and long-term sustainability
2022-11-25End of Year Review
2022-11-24How to Break the Cycle of Procrastination
2022-11-23Perpetual Motion Machines
2022-11-22Bending Spoons acquires Evernote
2022-11-21Read to Gain Knowledge
2022-11-21Tumblr, Mastodon, and Interoperability
2022-11-21We want our children to develop courage, not fearlessness
2022-11-20House of Cards
2022-11-20What Kind of Leaders Are We Celebrating?
2022-11-19How to get more from reading
2022-11-17The Earned Life, by Marshall Goldsmith
2022-11-16Bosses or Leaders
2022-11-16One Million Words
2022-11-15The Power of Accountability
2022-11-14Overnight Success
2022-11-13Probabilistic Thinking
2022-11-12Open-Space Office Blues
2022-11-11Social Network Blues
2022-11-10The Responsible Unicorn
2022-11-09Knowing When to Maximize
2022-11-07Playing For Real
2022-11-06Name Your Fears
2022-11-06Us vs. Them
2022-11-05Why Twitter's firings are justified
2022-11-04Maxims for Thinking Analytically, by Dan Levy (Book Notes)
2022-11-03Starting or Ending?
2022-11-03The Map is not the Territory
2022-11-02Test Your Ideas in the Open
2022-11-01You Won't Reach Your Goals by Accident
2022-10-31Are You Still Using Facebook?
2022-10-30Knowledge is widely available
2022-10-29The Road to Mastery
2022-10-28Nothing on your phone is completely private
2022-10-27Work on what you love... or not?
2022-10-26Secure Your Accounts Today
2022-10-25Is there a better way to do this?
2022-10-24You don't fully understand something until you can explain it to a child
2022-10-23Don't buy cheap chocolate on Halloween
2022-10-23Writing is about solving a problem
2022-10-22Charlie Munger on how to guarantee a miserable life
2022-10-21Make time to do things.
2022-10-21Optimize wisely
2022-10-20Face the Problem
2022-10-1930 Days Writing a Post a Day
2022-10-19The Secret to Writing a Daily Blog
2022-10-18Behaviorist Theory of Information
2022-10-17Best content recommendations for whom?
2022-10-16Most Important Tasks
2022-10-15The Metaverse... is not here yet
2022-10-14Rational decisions require a long-term perspective
2022-10-14Surround yourself with people better than you
2022-10-13Microsoft partners with Meta
2022-10-13The 3 exponential technology transitions
2022-10-12Digital Dependency
2022-10-11What questions do you want answered about Climate Change?
2022-10-10Critical thinking is powered by questions
2022-10-09Gratitude is a Habit
2022-10-08How to make progress toward your goals
2022-10-07We are not determined by circumstances
2022-10-06Bigger Problems
2022-10-06Upgrades, Status and Affiliation
2022-10-05Some Thoughts on Journaling and Tools
2022-10-0428 Pieces of Life Advice
2022-10-04From Ownership to Accessing
2022-10-03There is more to business than great technology
2022-10-02Value your time, and the time of your team.
2022-10-01Great Talent
2022-09-30Don't seek reassurance. Try things instead.
2022-09-30Org charts and Company Culture
2022-09-29Podcasting, The Industry
2022-09-29Steve Jobs on Failure and the Secrets of Life
2022-09-28Podcasts are a great way of learning
2022-09-27What's in It for Me?
2022-09-26Selling to Mainstream Customers
2022-09-25Be remarkable in a way that moves the message forward
2022-09-25Better decisions
2022-09-24Commitment and Compounding
2022-09-24Value Your Time
2022-09-22Gravity and Beliefs
2022-09-21Better solutions
2022-09-21Hofstadter's Law
2022-09-20Will you be able to access that file 5 years from now?
2022-09-19Information diet
2022-09-12Someone cares
2022-09-10The Lightness of Being a Beginner
2022-09-05Who is credible and who is not
2022-09-01100 ten-minute blocks
2022-09-01Values to Virtues
2022-08-14Compound Returns of Self-Improvement
2022-08-11Tools for Evaluating Information
2022-08-01Tik Tok
2022-07-314 Questions to Ask About Any Book
2022-06-30Referent Group
2022-06-23The Earned Life
2022-06-14Drucker on seeing us today from the distant future
2022-06-12How to Think About Technology
2022-06-08False Dichotomy
2022-06-07How to Make Sure You're Working on the Right Things
2022-06-02Imaginable, by Jane McGonigal (book notes)
2022-05-29Donald Knuth on Pursuing a PhD
2022-05-23Personal Long-Term Thinking
2022-05-18AirBnB, Peter Thiel and Culture
2022-05-09Hugh Jackman and the 85% Rule
2022-05-06Dead Ends and Framing
2022-04-17Elon Musk live at TED2022
2022-04-09Ten Years
2022-04-07You have the agency and ability to create the world you want to live in
2022-04-06Sunk Costs and Decision Making
2022-04-01Make the numbers...
2022-03-28Amateurs and Pros
2022-03-13Be bold on a specific day
2022-02-25Thinking and Writing
2022-02-19The Fortunate Amateur
2022-02-03According to Plan...
2022-01-26Teach a man... first principles thinking
2022-01-24It's not about us
2022-01-22Free Forever
2022-01-20It's not what you think you do
2022-01-20The only way to be ready is to build a vast repertory of knowledge
2022-01-19The Inner Game of Tennis, by Timothy Gallwey
2022-01-17Revising Notes to Extract Ideas
2022-01-16Narrative invites us to rethink what we thought we knew
2022-01-16Personal side-projects
2022-01-15One cannot reach one's potential without learning to focus
2022-01-14Don't compound the error
2021-12-27Denying the Obvious
2021-12-24Book Reading 2021
2021-12-13The Difference Between a Professional and an Amateur
2021-10-22Courage is Calling, by Ryan Holiday
2021-10-22Decision-Making and Chesterton's Fence
2021-10-02All Growth is a Leap
2021-09-30Learning from Books
2021-09-02The Importance of Reading
2021-08-17Charlie Munger's Values
2021-08-03Any Rand on Society and Corruption
2021-08-01Should I work on this?
2021-07-10Right to Repair
2021-06-27Work/Life Balance
2021-06-24Friends and Social Networks
2021-06-15The Rise of the Sovereign Individual
2021-06-13Cómo hablar con otros que piensan distinto (Guadalupe Noguéz)
2021-06-05Cory Doctorow, The Memex Method
2021-05-26Focus turns good performers into great performers
2021-05-18Visualizing the Future
2021-05-14La rara habilidad de escuchar a los demás
2021-05-13The Rare Skill of Listening to Others
2021-05-12Conversation as Philosophy
2021-05-04Jack Black on not giving up
2021-05-03Stand Up Straight
2021-04-30Make Time. How to Focus on What Matters Every Day by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky
2021-04-29Difficult Decisions
2021-04-28Decisiones difíciles
2021-04-21Tiago Forte interviews Sönke Ahrens on How to Take Smart Notes
2021-04-19Yuval Harari about the Future of Democracy
2021-04-15Lives of the Stoics, by Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman
2021-04-14Be consistently not stupid
2021-04-13Why even smart people get bad results
2021-04-10A book given
2021-03-25Company Hierarchy
2021-03-13Get your models into the light and make them as rigorous as possible
2021-02-15Nudge the culture toward learning
2021-02-13The Good Fight Club
2021-02-04Efficiencies are for robots
2021-01-14Last Chance
2021-01-04How to Choose What Books to Read
2021-01-02Facebook, la empresa de publicidad
2021-01-02Facebook, the Advertising Company
2020-12-23Reading every day
2020-12-07No marginal costs
2020-11-05Diversity and Problem Solving
2020-10-13Open-minded vs Closed-minded
2020-10-06Let them be the humans you hired
2020-09-22Zoom Links
2020-09-04Apple as a Privacy Guardian
2020-08-31Earn Your Tools
2020-08-08Leadership and Intellectual Humility
2020-07-31Fall in love with learning
2020-07-17Derek Sivers on projecting meaning
2020-07-01Seth Godin on Stolen Ideas
2020-06-12The Sheer Joy of Making Things
2020-06-08Competition is for Losers
2020-06-08Go out, talk to people, and be prepared to be amazed
2020-06-06The Infinite Game
2020-05-27Distributed work
2020-05-11Zero distribution costs. Zero marginal costs. Zero transactions.
2020-05-08Schools and Intelligence
2020-05-05Short-term Effectiveness vs Long-term Resilience
2020-05-03Stop complying, start creating
2020-05-02The Design Squiggle
2020-05-01Bill Gates on how to fight future pandemics
2020-04-29Owning your career
2020-04-20Books break the shackles of Time
2020-04-18The Great Mental Models, Vol. 1 por Shane Parrish
2020-04-18We Are All Confident Idiots
2020-04-15The Great Mental Models (Vol. 1), by Shane Parrish
2020-04-14Don't Stand so Close to Me
2020-04-12Autonomy, Mastery, and Purpose
2020-04-05One Step Forward Every Day
2020-04-05Un paso cada día
2020-04-04Understanding the World
2020-03-25Creativity and permission to be wrong
2020-03-22Hiut Denim
2020-03-18The Shirky Principle
2020-03-16Automation of Task-Related jobs
2020-03-16We are the toughest gatekeepers of our own work
2020-03-12Amazon, las tiendas sin cajero y la carrera por al supremacía en AI
2020-03-11Amazon, cashier-less stores, and the race for AI supremacy
2020-03-03Matt Mullenweg: Why Working from Home is Good for Business
2020-02-14Optimize for Life
2020-02-09Curiosity, Courage, and Persistence
2020-02-08La Pirámide Invertida de la Invención
2020-02-08The Inverted Pyramid of Invention
2020-02-06Ryan Holiday on the Timeless Art of Journaling
2020-02-04La disrupción de la Inteligencia Artificial y la necesidad de aprender a aprender
2020-02-04The Disruption of AI and the Need to Gain New Skills
2020-01-31Google y la explotación de su motor de búsqueda
2020-01-29Google's Search Engine Monetization
2020-01-14Spend time doing things that matters
2020-01-14Technology is everything that doesn't work yet
2020-01-09Dos habilidades claves para destacar en la Nueva Economía
2020-01-09Two Core Abilities for Thriving in the New Economy
2020-01-07Everywhere I have sought peace...
2020-01-0633 Books in 2019
2020-01-0633 libros en el 2019
2020-01-05Focus on the habits that precede results
2019-12-20El camino a resultados extraordinarios
2019-12-14Reading to Lead
2019-12-06The Touchstone of Friendship
2019-11-25How to cultivate genius
2019-11-14Did Microsoft come back from death?
2019-09-19Don't follow the herd
2019-09-18WeWork is postponing its IPO
2019-09-09Follow the questions
2019-09-05Waiting for someone to pick you
2019-09-01Anger. Leave it alone.
2019-09-01Labor of Love
2019-08-28Elizabeth Gilbert on Distinguishing Between Hobbies, Jobs, Careers, & Vocation
2019-08-28Problem Solving Skills for the Future
2019-08-27Blind to Biases
2019-08-19How to Prevent Hackers from Accessing Your Mail and Other Online Services
2019-08-17The urge to write
2019-08-15Neal Stephenson on Deep Work
2019-08-13Designate someone to represent your audience
2019-08-11Social Networks's behavioral addiction
2019-08-09Maybe it's time to let the old ways die
2019-08-08Attention Span
2019-08-07Where Should You Publish Your Content?
2019-05-30Huawei. Modern Warfare
2019-04-22Teach it to a Child
2019-04-17Accessing Trumps Owning
2019-03-27Building a Better Business Using the Lego Serious Play Method, by Per Kristiansen and Robert Rasmussen
2019-03-05Meaningful vs Expiring Information
2019-02-26Privacy Trade-Offs
2019-02-12Three Ideas to Improve Your Reading
2018-12-14It Doesn't Have to Be Crazy at Work, by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hanssonk
2018-12-12Finally, you can download your Kindle highlights
2018-12-06The Future of Education
2018-12-06Without doubt, your are Facebook's product
2018-11-13Zettelkasten, a method for note-taking
2018-11-05Origin Story
2018-10-25Psychology as Superpower
2018-10-23The Deadly Reality of the Lazy Manager
2018-09-19You have to build diversity into your company from day one
2018-09-09Coherence and loyalty
2018-09-09Link Roundup
2018-09-06Personalized Syllabus
2018-08-23Productivity: less is more
2018-08-22Quality through Quantity
2018-07-26Habits Mindmap
2018-07-25Quotes Roundup
2018-07-19The Freedom to Do What You Want
2018-07-09Link Roundup
2018-07-09The Essential Skill of Recovering Abandoned Goals
2018-07-03The Age of the Self-Instructed
2018-06-27Reality Check
2018-06-24Link Roundup
2018-06-18What I Think Is All There Is
2018-06-13Did I do my best to...
2018-06-08Owning your Content
2018-05-15The Writer's Manifesto
2017-09-26What Does Your Perfect Day Look Like?
2017-09-06James Clear: 1% Better Every Day
2017-08-22Work That Lasts
2017-08-17Book Reading Goal for 2017 (Update)
2017-07-06What You Don't Know Will Help You at Problem-Solving
2017-04-27Deep Work: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World, by Cal Newport
2017-03-30The Power of Habit. Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business, by Charles Duhigg
2017-02-21The Inevitable. Understanding the 12 Technological Forces that Will Shape Our Future, by Kevin Kelly
2017-02-15I don't know how to do this --yet. Fixed Mindset vs. Growth Mindset
2017-01-04Triggers. Creating Behavior That Lasts – Becoming the Person You Want to Be. By Marshall Goldsmith
2016-12-27Book Reading Goal for 2017
2016-12-10Custom Book Reviews Archive Page
2016-10-31Atrévete a fallar
2016-10-31Daring Failure
2016-10-07Create or Hate. Successful People Make Things, by Dan Norris
2016-09-07The Traits of the Most Successful Founders according to YCombinator's Jessica Livingston
2016-09-05No son estúpidos, ni malvados
2016-09-03I'm Right. You're Wrong
2016-08-30How Writing Regularly Can Improve Creativity and Clarity
2016-08-18YCombinator's Sam Altman sits down with Mark Zuckerberg to talk about how to build the future
2016-07-23Should Governments Regulate Peer-to-Peer Markets?
2016-07-197 Pasos para lograr resultados extraordinarios
2016-07-197 Steps for Achieving Extraordinary Results
2016-07-14Cómo escoger un modelo a seguir (role model)
2016-07-14How to Choose a Role Model
2016-06-28Cultivar el talento
2016-06-28What is talent?
2016-06-24Steal Like an Artist, by Austin Kleon
2016-06-23Roba como un artista. Las cosas que nadie te dice acerca de ser creativo, de Austin Kleon
2016-06-22Feedback and Being Vulnerable
2016-06-22La importancia de ser vulnerables
2016-06-12Ira Glass on Creativity
2016-06-05Nikola Tesla on going from idea to product
2016-03-05Silent data and evaluating employees's performance
2016-02-24About Podcasts
2016-02-16Richard Branson on Punctuality and Productivity
2016-02-15How many books did you read last year?
2016-02-08Micromanagement: Individual Contribution vs Real Leadership
2015-12-17How to Help Every Child Fulfil their Potential
2015-12-13Don't Reply All: 18 Email Tactics That Help You Write Better Emails and Improve Communication with Your Team, by Hassan Osman
2015-12-12Only people can have ethics
2015-10-29Copyright and The Law of Fair Use
2015-10-29El Copyright y la Ley del uso legítimo
2015-10-17Working from home effectively
2015-10-08The Rise of the Ad Blocker
2015-08-25Long-term vs short-term thinking
2015-08-11Cómo mandar bien. Consejos para ser un buen jefe, por Manuel Alcázar
2015-07-20Words are cheap. It's what you do and allow what matters
2015-06-18Abandoning perfection
2015-05-18Las ideas menos obvias de emprendimiento pueden generar grandes retornos
2015-05-18Non-obvious startup ideas can yield the largest results
2015-05-05¿Cuál es el interés de Facebook en
2015-05-05What is Facebook's motivation in
2015-04-27Kevin Spacey's Three Key Elements to a Compelling Story
2015-04-27Tres elementos de una historia atractiva, segun Kevin Spacey
2015-04-23La Industria Editorial, los libros electrónicos, y los autores independientes
2015-04-22Book Publishing, ebooks, and Independent Authors
2015-03-11Services for sharing large files (MEGA is still not a Dropbox killer)
2015-03-11Servicios para compartir grandes archivos (o MEGA todavía no eliminará a Dropbox)
2015-03-03The Procrastinator's Guide to Progress, by Shawn Blanc
2015-03-03The Procrastinator's Guide to Progress, por Shawn Blanc
2015-02-26Only Enemies and True Leaders Speak the Truth
2015-02-26Solo los enemigos y los líderes dicen la verdad
2015-02-25Es fácil, es divertido, y te garantizo que funcionará
2015-02-25It's easy, it's fun, and it's guaranteed to work
2015-02-17Nadie te verá como CEO hasta que lo seas
2015-02-17Nobody will perceive you as a CEO until you've been one
2015-02-14Care enough to give constructive feedback
2015-02-1380/20 Sales and Marketing, by Perry Marshall
2015-02-10There's no such thing as a status quo
2015-01-29How to Think Big: Tim Ferriss interviews Peter Diamandis
2015-01-28Bill Gates on How the World will change by 2030. (The Verge Interview)
2015-01-15The One Thing: The surprisingly simple truth behind extraordinary results, by Gary Keller
2015-01-13The secret of high-performance achievers
2015-01-10Benchmark and trend to find answers for extraordinary results
2015-01-09Why being objective is hard and how it affects your decision-making
2014-12-20Macmillan will test subscription model for ebooks
2014-12-17You have to read to be able to write
2014-12-01Turning Pro, by Steven Pressfield
2014-11-25Book review: Influencing Virtual Teams by Hassan Osman
2014-11-25Sustainable Business Models
2014-11-20A Startup Definition
2014-11-1110 Rules to Reverse the Email Spiral
2014-11-05Book: The 7 Day Startup. You Don't Learn Until You Launch by Dan Norris
2014-11-01The Adventures of Johnny Bunko, by Daniel H. Pink
2014-10-22Amazon and Simon & Schuster
2014-10-13Take a break from your connected day...
2014-10-08How to prepare yourself to start a Startup
2014-10-07Creativity and Negative Capability
2014-09-19Macworld shuts down print edition
2014-09-08Amazon vs Hachette
2014-08-26Intelligence vs Character
2014-07-31We have so much bad writing in us
2014-07-01First impressions
2014-06-25Where not to spend your focus and energy
2014-06-17Control and high-margin products in a commoditized industry
2014-06-169 Frameworks To Add a Few Hundred Thousdand to Your Bottomline in 18 Months
2014-06-13Goals over Tools
2014-06-04Delegation vs Management
2014-06-03Storytelling as the Search for Clarity
2014-05-25Working from Home
2014-05-23Steve Blank on Innovation
2014-05-21Leaders... lead by example
2014-05-09Give Yourself Tight Deadlines
2014-04-30Effectiveness and Time Management
2014-04-19Amateurs wait for inspiration, professionals sit down and start working
2014-04-11Big Data, some of its pitfalls, and how to avoid them
2014-04-11Practical advice about recognition
2014-04-10Social networks, how they sustain and how to innovate
2014-04-03Innovation and Super Normal Thinking
2014-03-28Distributed work force and talented people
2014-03-25Corporate Governance According to Charles Munger
2014-03-24The pivots of a paper notebook that syncs to the cloud
2014-03-21The Business of Changing People, or why having a good product is not enough
2014-03-18One Laptop Per Child Project is closing
2014-03-17Bill Gates. The Rolling Stone Interview
2014-03-17Piracy is a Service Problem
2014-03-13The Business of Creating Value
2014-03-11The Black Swan: The Impact of the Highly Improbable, by Nassim N. Taleb
2014-03-10An Anthropologist Walks into a Bar...
2014-03-06The Future of Anonymous Apps
2014-03-03WhatsApp is Different
2014-02-22Should you be worried about visibility at work?
2014-01-30There isn't enough money to keep educating adults the way we are doing it
2014-01-11Don't skip the thinking when taking other's opinions as your own
2014-01-07Remote. Office not Required
2013-12-18Parkinson's Law. Work expands so as to fill the entire time for its completion
2013-11-05Is recognition important to you?
2013-11-03A New Market Disruption
2013-11-03The difference between Managers and Leaders
2013-10-22Trust and collaborative work
2013-10-15Reading and Managing your Time
2013-10-13Three key factors in Jeff Bezos's acquisition of The Washington Post
2013-09-033 Questions to help people perform better
2013-09-01Doing what you love, and loving what you do
2013-08-24Hyperloop, a proposed transportation alternative
2013-08-23A Focused Company
2013-08-12Woody Allen and the Art of Value Productivity
2013-08-11Amazon's chaotic warehouse system
2013-07-30Seth Godin: What works for websites today?
2013-07-22Paul Graham: Do things that don't scale
2013-07-22Publishing tools for electronic magazines
2013-07-04Doug Engelbart, visionary dreamer of the possibilities of collective intelligence
2013-07-03Charge for the service
2013-06-05The Rise of the New Groupthink
2013-06-04Working around territorial restrictions in book publishing
2013-06-02Having a great product is not enough
2013-05-18Thinking out of the box in problem solving
2013-05-12Bill Gates: Giving Teachers What They Deserve
2013-04-28The threat of new entrants when using open-source software as a core asset of your business
2013-04-14Giving Good Feedback
2013-04-04LucasArts shutting down after acquisition by Disney
2013-03-30Clayton Christensen on Disruption at Startup Grind 2013
2013-03-18A cluttered desk is full of decisions not taken
2013-03-16Highly Productive Time
2013-03-05Heineken: The Candidate
2013-02-28Selected Articles for 2013-02-28
2013-02-21Objectivity and Responsibility in Financial News Reporting
2013-02-18Selected Articles for 2013-02-18
2013-02-12How to retain talent, have less processes and policies, and be a highly creative company
2013-02-12Those People
2013-02-10The demands of Leadership
2013-02-09Selected Articles for 2013-02-09
2013-01-31The Amazings. Try something old, learn something new
2013-01-24Tim O'Reilly: What sparks innovation
2013-01-23Understanding other people’s point of view
2013-01-22The Icarus Deception
2013-01-22Why MEGA is not a Dropbox killer
2013-01-18Selected Articles for 2013-01-18
2013-01-15Waiting for ideal conditions may be a bad excuse... or not
2013-01-14The IT Department should know about the Company's Strategy
2013-01-12RIP, Aaron Swartz
2013-01-10Recommended Readings for 2013: Magazines and Newsletters
2013-01-09People don’t buy what you do, people buy why you do it
2013-01-08Selected Articles for 2013-01-28
2012-12-26Ideas and tactics are not enough without commitment
2012-12-21Instagram Business Model
2012-12-17So Good They Can't Ignore You, by Carl Newport
2012-12-14Selected Articles for 2012-12-14
2012-11-16Selected articles for 2012-11-16
2012-11-15How to disable advertiser's tracking on your iPhone
2012-11-12Adapt or be forever forgotten
2012-11-09Karateka is back
2012-10-25HP v115w pendrive finally working on MacBook Pro Retina
2012-10-15Why things are broken, and how to fix them
2012-10-06Copyright nonsense: some publishers restrict ebook editions outside US
2012-09-14Selected articles for 2012-09-14
2012-09-09Copying for inspiration vs shameless copying
2012-09-06Nokia's PureView camera fake ad: an effort to loose trust in your product
2012-09-06Wordpress Freemium Business Model
2012-09-04Copyright infringement in events broadcasts
2012-09-02Selected articles for 2012-08-31
2012-08-30Jason Fried on Looking for inspiration
2012-08-24Selected articles for 2012-08-24
2012-08-23In search of inspiration? Embrace constraints
2012-08-21More about Apple disappointing growth
2012-08-17Selected articles for 2012-08-17
2012-08-13Selected articles for 2012-08-13
2012-08-13Your biggest threat as an author is still obscurity
2012-08-07Teaching Business Management by telling stories around a campfire
2012-08-02No mayores controles, sino mejores motivos
2012-08-02No mayores controles, sino mejores motivos
2012-07-23¿Comprar un iPad o un tablet con Android?
2012-06-26Work-life balance is too important to be left in the hands of your employer
2012-06-08The Professional Will not be Distracted
2012-06-06Aim to be the best at what you do
2012-05-29Ze Frank's Invocation for Beginnings
2012-05-17Why it is not enough to have a great product
2012-04-20The internet is bigger than the music industry
2012-04-04A great place to work: a place where you can actually get work done
2012-03-24La confianza explicada por el autor de una saga de traiciones
2012-03-20Un gran lugar para trabajar: el lugar en el que puedes trabajar
2011-12-23Guía navideña para comprar una laptop
2011-12-21Venta de tablets en el Perú (noviembre 2011)
2011-12-17La SOPA y la libertad de expresión
2011-12-02La segmentación de Instapaper y otros programas de lectura diferida
2011-08-25Steve Jobs renuncia como CEO de Apple
2011-08-10Relationics. El poder de la red en las relaciones humanas
2011-08-03Seth Godin habla del marketing previo consentimiento
2011-07-28Las interrupciones en el trabajo
2011-07-26La no tan pequeña diferencia entre productos despachados y productos vendidos
2011-07-21OsX Lion: eliminación de intermediarios, versión única, actualización súper sencilla
2011-07-13Una clase de estrategia por Steve Jobs (1997)
2011-06-29Infografía sobre Microsoft Office 365
2011-06-23Lytro puede cambiar la fotografía como la conocemos hasta ahora
2011-06-14Gracias al control del canal de ventas que tiene Apple, no hay negocio para antivirus en el iPhone
2011-05-27Sesiones para emprendedores con Paul Graham
2011-05-17Librarian as a data hound, a guide, a sherpa, and a teacher
2011-04-16New website:
2011-03-31Khan Academy
2011-03-19Piratería: no es sólo por el precio
2011-03-18Productividad y redes sociales
2011-03-17Programación de juegos como herramienta de aprendizaje
2011-03-02Rediseño del Blog
2010-03-11Pomodoro Technique Illustrated, by Staffan Nottenberg
2010-02-09How Apple fosters open innovation
2010-01-09Windows Vista and the failing wifi connection
2009-11-25¿Cuántos emails hay en tu bandeja de entrada?
2009-11-22Links: fotografía
2009-10-23User Myopia
2009-08-19Linux y el dilema del usuario final
2009-08-18Piracy and obscurity
2009-08-10Cómo empezar un proyecto
2009-05-16Wolfram Alpha
2009-05-06Almacenar passwords con un poco de sal
2009-05-06José Luis Orihuela en Lima
2009-02-27Network adapter driver for Vista in VMWare Fusion (Mac)
2009-02-24The Pirate Bay, el Ministro noruego y los aburridos de la industria del entretenimiento
2009-02-23Cómo filtrar, cortar y pegar feeds
2009-02-13Silverlight y Linux (Moonlight)
2009-01-05Usos no convencionales del servicio DNS
2008-11-20The Art and Science of CSS is free to download
2008-09-29Wallmart y DRM
2008-07-30Amarok, Songbird y modelos de desarrollo
2008-07-16Fotos de Blair Bunting
2008-07-04winload.exe is missing or corrupted...
2008-06-25Amarok, un excelente manejador de música
2008-05-21Temas Premium para Wordpress
2008-05-11Una buena galería de fotos y tutorials de Photoshop
2008-05-09Blog de temas filosóficos
2008-05-06Los 40 ladrones
2008-04-21Game Developer Magazine ahora en versión electrónica
2008-04-16Google Maps para celular/agenda electrónica (PDA)
2008-04-14Fotografía de Yann Arthus-Bertrand en Lima
2008-04-10Google App Engine
2008-03-28Google Documents y gadgets
2008-03-22Entrevista a Alex St. John, creador de DirectX
2008-03-21Cómo eliminar programas espías del Explorer
2008-03-09Free the Dragon!
2008-02-01Thunderbird en vez de Evolution
2007-09-30Videos de YouTube, Google Video y otros en una PDA con Windows Mobile
2007-07-29Django file upload
2007-07-27Harry Potter y el trabajo en equipo
2007-07-12Django newforms documentation updated
2007-07-08Aprendiendo Lisp
2007-04-26OpenZaurus cierra puertas y se centra en Ångström
2007-04-24Using dynamic choices with Django newforms and custom widgets
2007-04-24WindowsXP y Office a $3 para países pobres
2007-04-21¿Podrá Microsoft volver a innovar?
2007-04-11Relanzamiento de Google Apps
2007-04-06Feeds y agregadores de noticias
2007-03-24Iterating over items of selection fields in django templates using newforms
2007-02-27Agendas electrónicas y sistemas operativos Open Source
2007-01-10Manejadores de contenido, II
2006-12-16Cómo correr Django (y Python) usando Apache y FastCGI
2006-11-30Manejadores de contenido, I
2006-10-28De vuelta al lado oscuro de la fuerza (de la Zaurus a una PDA con Windows Mobile)
2006-09-20Network Manager Applet in Ubuntu Dapper Drake
2006-06-17Diferencia entre un post y un artículo
2006-06-09Java Game Programming
2006-05-28Java Programming Notes
2006-05-21Apuntes de programación Java
2006-04-27The mistery of the DWL-G700AP dropping connection (solved)
2006-04-16El evangelio de Judas
2006-02-23Django and Custom CheckboxSelectMultipleField
2006-01-27Spamassassin y publicidad
2006-01-26OpenZaurus 3.5.4-RC
2005-08-13PC Perú
2005-06-19OpenZaurus 3.5.3 unstable
2005-06-19Python, Boa y wxPython
2005-03-09The Comedy of the Commons