Welcome to zoia.org

My name is Roberto Zoia. I live in Lima, Peru, with my wife Natalia and our three amazing children: Lara, Giacomo, and Massimo. I have a great appetite for everything tech-related since I can remember. (See how deep this goes.)

Below you can find some of the topics I write about, and how you can benefit from them.

  • Strategy and Technology. Today’s successful companies leverage the advantages provided by the connected economy to build new moats and disrupt whole industries. Strategy and technology are deeply related.

  • Improve your thinking process. If we feed our brain with mostly social media, news, and other shallow forms of information, we are training our brain for “shallow thinking”. We can improve our thinking by using what Charlie Munger calls “a broad latticework of mental models, (…) chunks of knowledge from different disciplines that can be simplified and applied to better understand the world.”

  • Reading and better thinking are closely related. On this site, you'll find book reviews and notes from books I find worth your time and mine. Reading is a very effective way of standing on the shoulder of giants. As fewer and fewer people read books, reading becomes a real competitive advantage.

  • I can help you use your time effectively, and achieve your goals. I don’t consider myself a productivity geek, but I’m convinced that we can all improve how we use our time and how we work. This lead me to write a book about effective goal setting. I'm always in the look for ways to improve my workflow.

You can contact me at [replace my first name] @zoia.org, @rzoian (Twitter), @robertoz (Mastodon). Here's my LinkedIn Profile.

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