Roberto Zoia Nesta

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  • Experienced, results driven business and technology professional with strong combination of integrity, leadership, technical, problem solving, entrepreneurial and interpersonal skills. Skilled in understanding technologies and visualizing their strategic potential.
  • Intellectually curious and fast learner. I try to approach problems from a multi-disciplinary point of view. I combine critical/analytical thinking with the flexibility to change my mind in face of new facts. Avid reader.
  • 7+ years experience programming in Python and Python/Django/HTML/JavaScript, developing among others, a complete platform for PEP Screening currently used by all insurance companies in Peru. (Also experienced in other languages and frameworks.)
  • Self-organized, reliable, and autonomous. I’ve been working outside an office with little need for supervision to meet my deadlines and deliver the best outcome possible for most of my professional life.
  • I consider myself a team player and have worked with people from a variety of countries and professions. I believe that teams perform at their best when there is a combination of a shared goal, technical expertise, and trust.
  • I’m convinced that medium and long-term results go in hand of growing a great team and developing the persons involved in the project at different levels. I believe that diversity and inclusion are not only the right thing to do but a must for building the best teams.
  • Native Spanish speaker and proficient in both spoken and written English. (Check my writings at or my short book Effective Goal Setting.)

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE                             

CTO and Sales Director–Identificación y Control SAC (November 2017–Present)

Identificación y Control SAC (IDECON) is a company that offers Personal Exposed Individuals (PEP) screening services in Peru for compliance with anti-money laundering laws. We are a totally distributed company, with a very lean operation.

Led the design and implementation of PEP screening platform, duplicating our revenue that year. Implemented substantial operational efficiencies like automation of data extraction and aggregation, and the implementation of workflows for auditing and vetting information to improve integrity of our database. Implementation was done in Python/Django, PostgreSQL, and HTML/Javascript for the front-end.

Led the process to obtain authorization from the Peruvian Authority for Personal Data Protection for collecting public information about public servants and the required-by-law trans-border authorization to store the information in cloud servers outside the country, which gave us a substantial advantage in front of less serious competition.

Led the design and implementation of functionality to incorporate direct relatives of PEPs into our system. This involved a) managing the relation with the client (commitee of 17 insurance companies), b) writing code to automatically scan for and process the Declarations of Interests (Declaración Jurada de Interés) of public servants; and, c) working with external hires to develop specific areas of the system.

Project Manager – Fima S.A  (July 2015–October 2017)           

Led the project for preliminary work for a new 100,000m2 (24 Acre) manufacturing facility in Huaycoloro, reporting to General Management. which involved: a) standardizing job statements for selecting and hiring contractors for leveling the area; b) designing and building the perimeter fence; c) executing said works, finishing inside time and budget constraints (2 years, US$3MM investment.)

General Manager at 8Consultores SAC (January 2010–2015)

8Consultores is a company I founded for consulting projects in business strategy and process optimization:

Some projects included:

  • Fabtech (local fabricator): Design and implementation of blueprint management and versioning system for the company’s engineering and design team. (Python/Django)
  • Alianza Metalúrgica. Contribution margin analysis, leading to 4.5% increase in net profit. Evaluation of key-client portfolio using data analytics using to identify target clients, which lead to a reformulation of the company’s commercial strategy and an increase in 20% revenue the following year.
  • Dédalo Market: implemented OpenERP (now odoo) and developed custom POS module in Javascript and custom driver for receipt ticket printer. (OpenERP didn’t provide a POS module that met legal requirements of peruvian regulation.)  Developed a process in Python to integrate OpenERP warehouse module with WooCommerce storefront.

Project Manager at Real Time Management-RTM (November 2010–March 2011)         

Part-time consultant. Led team for project in Agricola Chapi to change the business model from only exporting their produce to aggregating and selling produce from different producers. Included provisions for buying from small-scale individual farmers in Peru and analyzing past-production and sales data to justify the project to the board of directors, and working with an external expert in Costa Rica.q

Member of Managing Committee –

PAD School of Management, University of Piura (PAD)  (2007–2010)

PAD is one of the leading business schools in Peru with a strong emphasis in conducting business with ethics. Among other projects, took part in the team that oversaw the architecture, financing, and construction of the new buildings, an investment of US$12MM.

Executive Secretary of the Board (“Consejo Académico”)

of the University of Piura (2004–2010)

Took part in strategic decisions about infrastructure, nomination and approval or confirmation of the university’s main authorities. Directly involved in projects like the start of operations in a new city like Lima, and the preliminary project for the School of Medicine.

Other Professional Experience

Board Member at Fima S.A. (March 2020–Present)

Board Member at Alianza Metalúrgica S.A. (April 2019–Present)

Board Member at Convive Coworking (March 2017–Present)


10 years+ experience programming in Python, 7+ years in Django/Python. Implemented several projects using Django/HTML/Javascript. Enough Lisp to configure most Emacs packages and use it as an IDE with language servers for developing code. Basic DevOps skills including configuration, hardening and deployment to Linux servers. Some experience in Java, PHP.  Used to program in C and C++, and even 6502 Assembly.


Seth’s Goding altMBA.

MBA, School of Management, University of Piura, Peru. Valedictorian.

BSc Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, University of Piura, Peru. Summa cum laude.


Citizenships: Peru, Italy.  Languages: Spanish (native). English (proficient). German (conversational). Italian (basic). Member of Vistage Executive Coaching since 2019.

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