The Last Man Standing Strategy

Ex-doctor turned YouTuber, Podcaster, entrepreneur, and author Ali Abdaal about the power of perseverance:

In the final live cohort of my Part-Time YouTuber Academy over 1,000 students paid $2,000+ to take the course live over the course of 6 weeks. During the course, we asked students to submit 6 video “homework” assignments where they’d create a video, and submit it to our team for feedback. Guess how many students submitted the very first video? Less than half. And guess how many students submitted all 6? Less than 10%. In a group of 1,000+ adults paying $2k for a course, you’d have been in the top 10% by just not quitting for 6 weeks.

Everyone gets it, few people put it into practice.

perseverance Ali Abdaal

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