Most valuable things are hard

I was reading in David Deutsch’s The Beginning of Infinity the chapter titled The Multiverse, about quantum physics and multiple universes. I’ve reread the chapter almost three times, and I’m sure I’m understanding less than 50% of what Deutsch is proposing. And I’m also sure it’s not Deutsch’s fault…

I could have skipped the chapter because the rest of the book is more digestible and pretty suggestive. However, I wanted to get a grasp on quantum theory beyond the very basics I already knew. Also, given Deutsch’s reputation, it is probably as solid an explanation for the non-specialist as you can get. But that doesn’t mean it’s easy to grasp, especially because many aspects of quantum physics seem counterintuitive.

Most valuable things require effort. The same applies to valuable knowledge. Don’t just drop something because it’s hard to grasp.

After finishing the book, I’ll return to that chapter, and search for alternative explanations elsewhere until I’m able to explain what multiverses are about in my own words.

David Deutsch multiverses effort knowledge

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