Excellent Advice for the Living

I read Kevin Kelly’s book Excellent Advice for the Living some months ago. Using Kevin Kelly’s words, the book is a compilation of “bits of advice I wished I’d known when I was younger”. From the introduction:

I am primarily channeling the wisdom of the ages. I am offering advice I have heard from others, or timeless knowledge repeated from the past, or a modern aphorism that matched my own experience. I doubt any of it is truly original, although I have tried to put everything in my own words. I think of these bits as seeds because each one of them could easily be expanded into a long essay. Indeed, I have spent most of my time writing by compressing these substantial lessons into as compact and tweetable forms as possible. You are encouraged to expand these seeds as you read to fill your own situation.

This is the kind of book I find myself coming back to frequently.

Whenever you have a choice between being right or being kind be kind. No exceptions. Don’t confuse kindness with weakness.

— Kevin Kelly

Kevin Kelly

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