AI, Regulation and moats

Big players in tech and other industries prefer no government regulation. Second to that, they prefer a regulation that in practice becomes a moat against new entrants. A regulation that new entrants can't afford the expense and effort required to comply with.

OpenAI's CEO Sam Altman testified on the future of AI and how the field should be regulated. "He advocated for the creation of a new government agency with the power to license large AI models, create and monitor safety standards, and conduct independent audits. But he did not mention requiring transparency around model training or source data[^morning-brew]."

[^morning-brew]: Morning Brew, 2023-05-17

New faces, old script.

PS: A couple of days after publishing this post, I read this article on Tyler Cowen's blog: Attack monopoly power with deregulation.

AI, regulation, moats, Sam Altman

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