Pacing team

Tim Urban explains in TED Talk Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator how he beats procrastination by putting himself against hard deadlines so that he has no alternative but to do the work.

Marshall Goldsmith, recognized as one of the top-ten thinkers in the world and top-rated executive coach, has a person call him every day and ask him a series of questions about his progress.

Seth Godin writes about choosing your pacemaker:

If you work in an office where people are regularly shipping breakthrough work, it’s likely your work will ship as well. If you’re in an industry or a zip code where entrepreneurs regularly build and fund businesses of scale, it’s more likely you will too.

The pacing team isn’t an accident. It’s a choice.

Just because it’s slow (or too fast, or too brutal, or too senseless) around here doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. Or that you have to stay around here.

What’s your system to get your important work done?

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