The Challenges of Artificial Intelligence

In an Interview with Lex Fridman, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman considers GPT "the most complex software object humanity has yet produced. And it will be trivial in a couple of decades." Not only is it clear from the interview that OpenAI will continue to make advancements to ChatGPT. One of the emergent properties of the technium is that most inventions and innovations are co-invented multiple times. There are also other groups and companies working on AI.

The next big technological wave isn't the Metaverse or crypto/Web 3.0. It's Artificial Intelligence. Bill Gates is placing the arrival of AI on the same level as the graphical user interface, the internet, and mobile phones. Gates proposes three principles that should guide the conversation around Artificial Intelligence:

  • We should try to balance our fears about the downsides of AI with its ability to improve people's lives. Guard against the risks, but spread the benefits to as many people as possible.
  • Market forces won't naturally produce AI products and services that help the poorest. The opposite is more likely.
  • We are at the beginning of what AI can accomplish. Whatever limitations it has today will be gone before we know it.

Artificial Intelligence will affect the way we work and create. No, it won't probably replace you in the short term, but it will affect us. The question you have to face is: what are you doing to learn and get the most out of these new tools? How will you use it to make your work better?

Artificial Intelligence, ChatGPT, Sam Altman, Lex Fridman

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