Write Things That People Choose to Share

I'm always impressed by Seth Godin's clarity.

In Blogs and Platforms and Permission, he recalls that when he started writing for FastCompany years ago, he decided that his column's goal would be to write something that people would xerox (photocopy) and put it in other people's mailboxes. (Sharing by email was unheard of at the time.) He had things to say and wanted to create change. He knew that if he wanted to make change happen, his ideas needed to spread.

Later he moved to online writing. His goal was the same: continue teaching, in a way that people shared his blog posts. Because ideas that spread win.

Writing helps you clarify your thoughts, come to new ideas. Also, if you write in public, it may resonate with others. You may help them change to become a better version of themselves.

Write things that people choose to share.

Seth Godin, writing, ideas, ideas that spread

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