30 Days Writing a Post a Day

I’ve been writing on and off on this blog since 2005. I probably started a couple of years before, but those posts are lost. 30 days ago, on September 19th, I committed to writing a daily post. I’ve written every day since, and plan to continue doing so.

Writing daily was inspired in part by Seth Godin:

The daily blog…it’s one of the top 5 career decisions I’ve ever made.

I don’t need anyone’s permission. I don’t need to go out and promote it. I don’t use any analytics. I don’t have comments. It’s just: this is what I noticed today and I thought I’d share it with you.

Everyone should blog, even if it’s not under their own name, every single day. If you are in public, making predictions and noticing things, your life gets better, because you will find a discipline that can’t help but benefit you.

If you want to do it in a diary, that’s fine, but the problem with diaries is because they’re private you can start hiding.

Are you able, every day, to say one thing that’s new that you can stand behind?

I would write even if no one read it. If you are reading this, thanks for your time and interest.

Seth Godin writing commitment

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