How to make progress toward your goals

If you want to make serious progress, measurement and accountability are the proven way to go.

“Measurement is the truest indicator of our priorities—because what we measure drives out what we don’t.” Accountability is our response to expectations we impose on ourselves. Accountability can be public or private. “I prefer public disclosure. When your intentions are out in the open, the stakes are automatically higher (people are watching) and so, hopefully, is your performance. The specter of a public setback, coupled with your private disappointment, is a powerful motivator1.”

Measurement you can do by yourself. On the other hand, accountability works best if you have an accountability partner or are part of a mastermind or peer-to-peer group. Ask people you trust to hold you accountable for your progress.

  1. Marshall Goldsmith, The Earned Life, p. 162 ↩︎

accountability growth progress measurement Marshall Goldsmith

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