Book Reading 2021

I read 28 non-fiction books in 2021. Here is what I learned this year:

  • I made a list of the books I planned to read at the beginning of the year. Making a list of the books you want to read gives you focus and helps you reflect on what topics are you interested. I send my list to a couple of friends for feedback, and in turn they sent me their lists.

  • Systems over goals. I didn't start 2021 with a goal of reading 27 books. Instead, I focused in reading 25 pages every day. This I learned from Farnam Street's Blog. And it worked. Even if I sometimes 'broke the chain', I read more books than previous years.

  • This year I learned to drop books if they didn't come out as expected. Before, I felt like an obligation to finish every book I started... which I know is nonsense but that is how it was.

  • I resisted the urge of immediately buying every book I found interesting. I now keep a document where I write down the book's name, who recommended it, and why I think it's an interesting read. When I finish a book, I use the book list for the year and this document to reassess which book I will read next.

The books I read in 2021:

  1. Noise: A Flaw in Human Judgment, by Daniel Kahneman
  2. The Great Mental Models, Vol. 2, by Shane Parrish
  3. Skin in the Game, by Nassim Taleb
  4. Thinking in bets, by Annie Duke
  5. Limitless, by Jim Kwik
  6. The Elon Musk Series, by Tim Urban
  7. The True Believer, by Eric Hoffer
  8. New Rules for the New Economy, by Kevin Kelly
  9. How to Destroy Surveillance Capitalism, by Cory Doctorow
  10. Think Again, by Adam Grant
  11. The Master Switch, by Tim Wu
  12. How to Avoid Climate Disaster, by Bill Gates
  13. Life of the Stoics, by Ryan Holiday
  14. Thinking in Systems, by Donella H. Meadows
  15. Seeking Wisdom: from Darwin to Munger, by Peter Bevelin
  16. Make Time, by J. Knapp, J. Zeratsky
  17. 12 Rules for Life, by Jordan Petersen
  18. The Sovereign Individual, by James Dale Davison
  19. Shape up: stop running in circles, by Ryan singer
  20. The Burnout Society, by Byung-Chul Han
  21. Company of One, by Paul Jarvis
  22. Profiles from the Future, by Arthur C. Clarke
  23. Poor Charlie's Almanack, 3rd Ed., by Peter D. Kaufman
  24. The Leader's Brain, by Michael Platt
  25. Stubborn Attachments, by Tyler Cowen
  26. Courage is Calling, by Ryan Holiday
  27. Influence, by Robert Cialdini
  28. $100M Offers, by Alex Hormizi
  29. The Minimalist Entrepreneur, by Sahil Lavingia

Photo by Tom Hermans ob Unsplash.

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