Micromanagement: Individual Contribution vs Real Leadership

Micromanagement kills ownership. Shane Parrish quoting Michael Abrashoff describes the problem when top performers become managers but continue to focus on individual contribution instead of on real leadership:

The difference between thinking as a top performer and thinking like your boss is the difference between individual contribution and real leadership. Some people never make this jump; they keep doing what made them successful, which in a leadership role usually means micromanaging. My predecessor on Benfold (the ship Abrashoff commanded), for instance, was extremely smart—a nuclear engineer and one of the brightest guys in the Navy. He spent his entire career in engineering, and when he took command of Benfold, he became, in effect, the super chief engineer of the ship. According to those who worked for him, he never learned to delegate. The more he kept sweating the details, the less his people took ownership of their work and the ship.

leadership micromanagement

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