Abandoning perfection

Seth Godin on perfection as a defense mechanism:

It's possible you work in an industry built on perfect. That you're a scrub nurse in the OR, or an air traffic controller or even in charge of compliance at a nuclear power plant.
The rest of us, though, are rewarded for breaking things. Our job, the reason we have time to read blogs at work or go to conferences or write memos is that our organization believes that just maybe, we'll find and share a new idea, or maybe (continuing a run on sentence) we'll invent something important, find a resource or connect with a key customer in a way that matters.
So, if that's your job, why are you so focused on perfect?
Perfect is the ideal defense mechanism, the work of Pressfield's Resistance, the lizard brain giving you an out. Perfect lets you stall, ask more questions, do more reviews, dumb it down, safe it up and generally avoid doing anything that might fail (or anything important).
You're not in the perfect business. Stop pretending that's what the world wants from you.
Truly perfect is becoming friendly with your imperfections on the way to doing something remarkable.

creativity, perfection, resistance

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