Macworld shuts down print edition

"Macworld's first Cover"

Shortly after Apple's iPhone 6/6+ launch on September 9, IDG announced that the print edition of Macworld is shutting down. Jason Snell, Macworld's lead editor for more than ten years and who has worked in Macworld for more than seventeen, writes in Goodby, Macworld:

Over the last decade we all made an enormous effort to transform Macworld editorial from a magazine mentality to a web site mentality. And honestly, it worked: By the end, the magazine was essentially a curated collection of the best stories from the website, cut down and copy edited and with nice photographs. The economics of the business just didn't make it possible to continue.

I wonder if magazines from other industries will follow the same path. Most magazines now offer access to their digital counterpart when subscribing to the print edition. I find that even when subscribed to the print edition of some business magazines, most of the time I read the articles online.

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