Selected Articles for 2013-02-28

  • George Soros on Reflexivity and a Potential Eurozone Breakup.

  • Integration is something that can take a long time, but it is possible with a Herculean effort. Apple is maybe fairly unique in its vertical integration, but this can't be the only reason nobody is copying them. Why doesn't anybody copy Apple, and Why nobody can copy Apple. (A discussion for another post, but I think Apple is being copied and needs to differentiate more from its competition.)

  • A loose rant on maximization, by Jason Fried.

    Having fun, exploring ideas, creating, solving, building great things for you and your customers, being proud of your work, challenging yourself, learning, growing, building a self-sustaining company on your own schedule, adding something useful to the world, and working with great people – that’s what this is all about. Not maximization of a metric.

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