Selected articles for 2012-08-13

  • Apple Store Operational Economics. Interesting analysis by Horace Dediu ( on Apple Store operation from a jobs-to-be-done perspective. What other retailers spend on sales commisions, Apple spreads on salary over a far larger headcount staff. But "visitors at an Apple store are made to feel they’re getting a service rather than being sold a product. (…) And that’s the key to there being very many visitors. And, incidentally, they happen to buy more things. And also incidentally they come to value the brand more."

  • Mat Honan's Epic Hacking. Still using the same password for different online services? Must read if you care about your online security.

  • Netflix's lost year-the inside story of the price hike train wreck. A good recount of how Netflix tried to split its DVD rental and streaming services, and failed.

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