How Apple fosters open innovation

Para los que tienen problemas para conciliar cómo abogan por software libre, pero están felices usando una Mac, les recomiendo este post de Wade Roush: The Apple Paradox: How a company that’s so closed can foster so much open innovation.

Algunos entrecomillados del post de Roush:

The paradox—and it may be one that goes to the heart of digital-age capitalism—is that Apple’s style of closed innovation results in technology that is so conducive to open innovation.

millions of designers, artists, musicians, writers, programmers, and other creative professionals love their Apple products, myself included. The Apple brand is almost synonymous with free-thinking creativity.

The reason I use Apple hardware all day long is not so that I can be like Steve, but because the company makes the best technology I’ve found for staying informed, synthesizing what I learn, and passing it along to others.

En la Mac disfrutas haciendo lo que sea. Produces. Es bella. En Linux, a veces te encuentras preguntándote por qué después del último upgrade ya no funciona el audio, o el micrófono en Skype… o para usar la tarjeta wifi de tu laptop tienes que abrir una terminal y usar ndiswrapper… Quizá Google cambie esto con el Android para netbook, pero por ahora, Mac.

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