Make Something Wonderful, by Steve Jobs

Make Something Wonderful is a book published by the Steve Jobs Archive. It’s a collection of Steve Jobs’ speeches, interviews, and emails. I liked the book very much. Most people consider Jobs’ most disruptive moment the launch of the iPhone. However, it’s easy to forget that after being fired from Apple, Jobs was CEO of both Next and Pixar. In both companies, he had to change business models several times and make difficult decisions. Read more...
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Steve Jobs: Explore uncharted paths

Steve Jobs on creativity: To be a creative person, you need to “feed” or “invest” in yourself by exploring uncharted paths that are outside the realm of your past experience. Seek out new dimensions of yourself—especially those that carry a romantic scent. But one has no way of knowing which of these paths will lead anywhere in advance. That’s the wonderful thing about it, in a way. The only thing one can do is to believe that some of what you follow with your heart will indeed come back to make your life much richer. Read more...
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