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28 Pieces of Life Advice

David Peril wrote 28 pieces of life advice in his Monday Musings Newsletter. My two favorite:

n. 3 If you want to explore a new skill, don’t just consume information. Do the thing too. If you want to learn about music, don’t just listen to a lot of music. Play it too. Every activity has indescribable aspects you can only discover in the course of action.

n. 20 The industry you work in will often dictate your success more than how good you are in that industry. For example, if you want to make money, play tennis instead of badminton or pickleball. A top-10 tennis player earns 10-20 times more than a Top 10 player in the next most prosperous racket sport.

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Be remarkable in a way that moves the message forward

From a post from Dean Caravelis on LinkedIn:

I asked Seth Godin about who is the most outrageously remarkable person he has ever met? His response was sage advice and worth sharing:

“I think it’s important to get the words right here. So I use the word ‘remarkable’ to mean something different than many other people do. I use it to mean ‘worth making a remark about’ because it’s not up to me to say you are remarkable or you’re not, but if people talk about somebody, that’s remarkable. So we can talk about someone who is a clown, who is a loser, who is hurting the people around them. They’re bad, they’re negative, they’re taking away from our culture, but they’re still remarkable. So we have to be really careful to say that your goal is not just to be talked about, your goal is to be talked about in a way that moves a message forward…”

As Luis Vasquez commented on the post, context makes all the difference.

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