How to disable advertiser’s tracking on your iPhone

Some months ago Apple notified third-party App Store developers that tracking individual users phones (tracking the iPhone’s UDIDs) was no longer acceptable, and that infringing products would be removed from the store. However, with the launch of the iOS 6, Apple introduced a new tracking technology called IFA (Identifier for Advertisers), a random, anonymous number that is temporary and can be disabled, but that comes enabled by default. There are two ways to disable advertisers from tracking your phone usage: Read more...
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HP v115w pendrive finally working on MacBook Pro Retina

I recently bought an 32GB HP v115w Pendrive. To my surprise, the pendrive was not recognized by the MacBook Pro Retina USB 3.0 port. However, it worked properly when plugged to the MacBook Pro through an USB extension cable. I also worked, without the extension cable, on other Apple and non-Apple machines. I suspect this problem affects other HP pendrives that share the v115w enclosure. There is a simple solution. Rotate the HP pendrive cover 90° instead of the full 180°, so that a bit more of the USB connector gets exposed, apparently enough to get the pendrive recognized by the MacBook Pro. Read more...
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Lytro puede cambiar la fotografía como la conocemos hasta ahora

Lytro ha anunciado que está desarrollando una cámara fotográfica que captura todo el campo de luz de la escena. A diferencia de las cámaras digitales actuales, que capturan un sólo plano de luz, la tecnología de Lytro (llamada Light Field Photgraphy) permitirá hacer cosas impresionantes como reenfocar las fotos después de haberlas tomado, o sacar fotos tridimensionales. Lytro ya ha levantado $50M en financiamiento, y Ren Ng, CEO y fundador de Lytro, tiene un excelente equipo trabajando con él. Read more...
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