Book Reviews

I love reading. You’ll find here reviews and notes of some of the books I’ve read. (Check here for a complete list of books.)

Make Time. How to Focus on What Matters Every Day by Jake Knapp and John Zeratsky

Part of the attractive of this book are its authors. Jake Knapp spent 10 years at Google and Google Ventures, co-founded Google Meet, and among other products worked on the Gmail team. John Zeratsky worked at Google, and led the design for AdWords Editor, and was part of the team that created the YouTube Channels platform. He also was a partner at Google Ventures. I was really curious to learn how they approached their daily work and what productivity hacks they used. Read more...
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Lives of the Stoics, by Ryan Holiday and Stephen Hanselman

Lives of the Stoics is a collection of short biographies. Like other books about Stoicism written by the authors, Lives of the Stoics does not pretend to dive deeply into the philosophy of the Stoics nor be an historical treaty, but to provide inspiration for life through its insights and stories. From Zeno to Marcus Aurelius, the authors give a good introduction to the lives and context of each stoic, distilling the essentials of their character, their historical background, their struggles with the powers that be, and other highlights of their lives. Read more...
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The Great Mental Models, Vol. 1 por Shane Parrish

Shane Parrish trabajaba como experto de seguridad en la principal agencia de inteligencia de Canadá, cuando los sucesos del 9 de setiembre de 2001 hicieron que cambiara su mundo. Fue acelerado por una serie de promociones en las que no recibió ninguna orientación, y que venían con responsabilidades que no tenía idea cómo navegar. Mientras cursaba un MBA y estaba a la búsqueda de mentores, descubrió a Charlie Munger, el billonario socio de Warren Buffet en Berkshire Hathaway. Read more...
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The Great Mental Models (Vol. 1), by Shane Parrish

Shane Parrish was a cybersecurity expert at Canada’s top intelligence agency when the world suddenly changed on September 11, 2001. He “was thrust into a series of promotions for which I had received no guidance, that came with responsibilities I had no idea how to navigate.” While going through and MBA program and looking for mentors, he discovered Charle Munger, the billionaire business partner of Warren Buffet at Berkshire Hathaway. “Munger has a way of thinking through problems using what he calls a broad latticework of mental models, (…) chunks of knowledge from different disciplines that can be simplified and applied to better understand the world. Read more...
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Building a Better Business Using the Lego Serious Play Method, by Per Kristiansen and Robert Rasmussen

Kristiansen and Rasmussen have been deeply involved in the Lego Serious Play method since its inception. Lego Serious Play is a facilitation methodology created by the Lego Group, available since 2010 under an open source, community-based model. Its goal is fostering creative thinking through team building metaphors of their organizational identities and experiences using Lego bricks. Participants work through imaginary scenarios using visual three-dimensional Lego constructions, hence the name “serious play”. Read more...
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