Twitter is shutting down Revue

Revue was a Dutch startup that offered a service for creating newsletters. It offered a generous free tier with unlimited subscribers, custom domains, and a nice, easy-to-use newsletter editor. For paid newsletters, they charged 5% of the revenue. In January 2021, Twitter announced that it had acquired Revue.

Today Twitter announced that it’s shutting down the service, effective January 18, 2023. This is a very short time for downsetting a service.

At this moment, everyone using Revue is trying to download their list of subscribers from the service… which has collapsed. The lesson here is clear: you should always consider what you would do if some part of your publishing workflow goes out of business.

Twitter, of course, could have taken a different road. For example, open-source the code. Or sell it at an attractive price to an interested third party. But of course Elon Musk has no time for this kind of nuance.

Twitter is shutting down Revue

Photo by Donald Giannatti on Unsplash
Revue Twitter newsletters

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